The Cowgirls' Haute New Website

Too Haute Cowgirls has launched a new website and is open for e-business!

The owners of Too Haute Cowgirls turned to Brian Getting at Terra Firma Design & Consulting for help in designing a website that would express their vision. Both Tarrant and Liebl stressed the need for the design to reflect the Too Haute brand, with its distinctly Western flavor, and to make it easy and fun to navigate through the site, story, and – most importantly – the online store.

The new website employs a custom content management system that allow Too Haute staff to wrangle the aspects of the website that they need to, without jeopardizing the integrity of the site. The incredibly intuitive interface facilitates changes to content, allows for posting news items and notices, and collects email addresses for customers who want to receive e-newsletters. As with every website Terra Firma builds, Too Haute’s new site includes an enterprise-level analytics solution that can help the cowgirls understand how their clients are using their website, and make improvements. By measuring how clients are traversing through the site, and specifically tracking conversion goals, Too Haute Cowgirls and Terra Firma can work on an ongoing basis to evaluate and improve upon the website.

Please enjoy the website and come back for more!

For more information, contact 970-456-2794 or send us an email at