Recipe for Perfect Stovetop Popcorn

 Too Haute Cowgirls is all about our amazing popcorn confections. We dream up wonderful combinations of what we believe are some of the greatest things in life: popcorn, chocolate, nuts, toffee, peanut brittle, peanut butter, etc.  Are you hungry yet? We began our adventure based on a simple fact, we LOVE popcorn. So, we’re going to use this blog to get back to basics; each week we’ll show you fun and easy ways to create popcorn treats at home with nothing more than the stove top and imagination.

Let’s start with what will be our foundation, Basic Stovetop Popcorn for 2:

Ingredients: 2 TBL Oil (any kind you like), ½ cup Popcorn, heavy bottomed pot, salt, Real Butter (if you want - not sure why one wouldn’t want butter on their popcorn but I know you’re out there).

Put oil in pan over high heat.

Drop in a few popcorn kernels. Place lid on pan and crack.

When the first kernel pops, turn heat down to medium – medium/high and drop in the rest of the popcorn, place lid back on and crack.


Shake pan occasionally as popcorn continues to pop. When popping slows to a second or two between pops, it's done and ready to be decorated!

Decorate as you like. We prefer REAL BUTTER and fine sea salt.


Can't stress enough, use REAL BUTTER!

And you’ve got yourself beautifully popped, fluffy stovetop popcorn!


This next one is for you!