We’re In Your Hotel Room

Two weeks ago the phone rang with a call for help.  The assistant for the President of a high-tech company needed something chocolate and salty for his team of 200 sales people flying into the annual sales conference over four days in early March.  They were going have wine and fruit in the hotel rooms when the team arrived, but the chief wanted more.  He always liked snacks on the road and knew his team did, too.

We got the call because the president had sampled our chocolate popcorn and caramel corn at one of our specialty retailers.  He LOVED it and ordered more for home.  So, when this conference came up, he remembered Too Haute Cowgirls.  Now we’re delivering 200 Derringers, a six-pack sampler of our most popular flavors.  They’ll be in gourmet popcorn heaven all conference long!

We love serving corporate clients with our products.  In this case, the lucky sales people will find us waiting in their hotel rooms when they arrive.