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My favorite smoothie to start the day...

My go-to morning smoothie: Almond milk carrots kale, spinach, or any greens frozen blueberries or any mixed fruit a scoop of vanilla protein powder a scoop of my favorite spice mix from Smith and Truslow organic spices   Click the picture and follow us on Instagram!

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Williams Sonoma Mother's and Father's Day Gift Baskets

Thank you to the brilliant culinary salon, City Grit in NYC for our inclusion in the Williams Sonoma Mother's and Father's Day Gift Baskets.  City Grit is the brainchild of Sarah Simmons who was recently named one of America’s Greatest New Cooks by FOOD + WINE Magazine.  

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  It's here! BACON! HAVE BACON WILL TRAVEL™  This is Too Haute Cowgirls’ maple pecan buttercrunch with hickory smoked bacon and a milk chocolate drizzle. Think of pancakes and maple syrup with a side of bacon; please and thank you very much!   The Cowgirls were on the trail near Dubois, Wyoming, for their annual hunt of the elusive jackalope. They made camp, started frying bacon and soon were surrounded by a Shoshone hunting party. The irresistible smell of sizzling bacon drew them from over a mile away. The Cowgirls invited them to share their meal of buttermilk pancakes with pecan maple syrup and hickory smoked bacon. This became the inspiration for their new popcorn flavor — HAVE BACON WILL TRAVEL™.

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