Epicurean Adventures

As legend goes, frustrated by the lack of opportunities for young women in Boston at the beginning of the 20th century, our girls chucked their corsets and headed out West to become "cowgirls" and to live lives full of excitement and adventure. It was during their expedition to the West that these ladies encountered some of the country’s most famous (and sometimes infamous) and exciting culinary innovators of the early 1900's.

From their first lesson in popping corn from the Indians, to their tour through Milton Hershey's brand new, state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Pennsylvania, our Cowgirls poured everything they learned during their travels into their delectable chocolate creations.

With this story and inspiration, "Too Haute Cowgirls" was born. While the stories are imagined, the gourmet popcorn creations are very real! Follow the Too Haute Cowgirls on their epicurean adventures through the Wild West in search of chocolate, spicy, and sweet popcorn perfection.

Meet The Cowgirls

Too Haute Cowgirls

No, the photo of our cowgirls is not Deanna Liebl* and Amy Tarrant, the owners and creators of Too Haute Cowgirls, producers of gourmet popcorns and unique gifts with a branding concept paying homage to the west but with flavors loved worldwide.

Once thought of as recession proof, the wedding industry even took a hit when the economy softened in 2008, so discovered pastry chef, Deanna Liebl, wedding cake designer extraordinaire near Aspen, Colorado. With a less-hectic wedding season in 2009, New York Culinary Institute of America-trained Liebl had more time to experiment with new products for her brides. She called on Amy Tarrant, pastry graduate of the Culinary School of the Rockies and fellow unrepentant popcorn addict, to help create a selection of unique chocolate covered popcorn flavors to offer as wedding favors. Amy grew up in Iowa, graduated from the University of Kansas Journalism School and spent years in media sales in Colorado before acting on her long-time dream of working with food. She took hiatus from her everyday life and went to an intensive pastry program at what is now the Escoffier Culinary School in Boulder, Colorado.

While researching chocolate popcorn companies around the country, the two discovered their creations were “worthy of a Greek God,” according to Gigi-Reviews, a chocolate blog voted one of the best blogs in the world! Their creations include:

  • Fistful of Fleur de Sel™ (Leadville, CO)
  • Srira-Cha-Cha
  • The Good, The Bad and The Peanut Butter™ (St. Louis, MO)
  • Salted Cocoa Caramel Corn
  • Chili Con Chocolate™ (Texas)
  • Blisters on my Buttercrunch™ (near Redstone, CO)
  • Mutton Bustin' Milk Chocoloate (Lancaster, PA)
  • Cowgirl Coffee (Denver, CO)
  • End of the Trail Mix™ (Telluride, CO)

Created with the same care and artistry as truffle making, the Too Haute Cowgirls is transforming popcorn into confectionery works of art. These mouthwatering masterpieces are meant to challenge your preconception of popcorn as well as tantalize your palate. Liebl and Tarrant will continually add new and exciting confections like the latest, Haute Buttered Rum Brittle, using only the highest quality ingredients.

So, to answer our most commonly asked question, the photo of our "too haute cowgirls" is circa 1910 and was our inspiration during a time of general excitement for our new business adventure with a background of concern about our country’s economic woes. A century later, Deanna and Amy identify with the looks of grit, determination and wit they see in the faces of our cowgirls. Each of our amazing popcorn creations inspired a story involving our cowgirls.

Please join us in the adventure...


*Sadly, Deanna passed away late in 2016. We miss her dearly and will keep popping in her honor. Rest in peace.