"Someone gave me a bag of the chocolate/bacon concoction...and I thought it was close to the best thing I've ever put in my mouth."

“Score: 11 out of 10, Worthy of a Greek God! This stuff is truly addicting.”

"I may never forgive you for bringing that gift basket to us. I MUST... I MUST get more of that Popcorn! Please tell me where I can find it!"

“you had me at bacon....”

“I don’t know how Too Haute Cowgirls came up with such wonderfully crazy flavors for their delicious buttercrunch popcorn but I am thankful for it!”

“Best of. Too Haute Cowgirls’ Popcorn Turns my Son into a Wild Beast”

“PS - I've been in touch with Mark and discovered that we share, as he referred to it ... the "crack-corn" addiction to your popcorn. :)”

“Just dropping you a short note to let you know your confections made our dessert platter complete for a small dinner we had last Saturday. I enjoy your products on their own, but decided to go a step further when sharing them with friends. I paired my two favorites, Fistful of Fleur de Sel and End of the Trail Mix, with slices of the cow's milk cheese from Holland (hints of caramel) and bits of goat's milk cheese from France (creamy and crumbly). Made complete with dried blueberries and apple slices, it was delightful. You know your work is truly gourmet when your popcorn stands up and accentuates some of the best of cheeses. Thanks for a great product!"