The Good The Bad And The Peanut Butter™

Too Haute Cowgirls


This perfect popcorn confection starts with Too Haute Cowgirls’ own special caramel corn drenched with a blend of white chocolate and peanut butter, tossed with peanuts, cashews, and pretzels, drizzled with white chocolate and lightly dusted with sea salt flakes. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for peanut butter, “I’m yer huckleberry”.

In 1904 our Cowgirls traveled to The St. Louis World’s Fair where they were introduced to one of the greatest foods ever created by man, Peanut Butter. A local dentist invented it as a protein substitute for his patients who had such bad teeth that they were not able to chew meat. He sold it at the fair for 6 cents a pound. Peanut butter is so popular in America that today we eat 700 million lbs. of it each year, enough to cover the floor of the Grand Canyon.

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