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Country Western Themed Party Favor Ideas

Country Western Themed Party Favor Ideas

Yeehaw! You’re throwing a country western theme party. What will you give your cowboy and cowgirl guests? We’ve rounded up the best party favor ideas in the West.

Party favors matter. Once you have your Wild West costumes, decor, music, and entertainment figured out, don’t forget the final touch: a small on-theme gift for your party-goers to take for the road.

The many flavors of Western-themed party favors

A good cowgirl never lets a guest go home empty-handed. Our motto is “treat people with popcorn” -- even people who stay too late, drink too much, and rest their dusty boots on the furniture. Everyone deserves a token of country western hospitality in the form of a sweet and salty gourmet popcorn treat.

For the country western themed birthday party

“Wanted” photo booth, polaroid camera photos,  and Blisters on my Buttercrunch popcorn

Whatever age you’re turning, you’re never too old to celebrate another trip around the sun with a western-themed birthday hoedown. For a milestone birthday, you’ll want to throw an event to remember. In fact, the memories make the best keepsakes!

To send your guests home with a pin-up memento, set up a photo booth at the party. You can’t go wrong with the “Wanted” poster frame prop, where your guests become the outlaws with a bounty on their heads. To make sure your guests get a tangible party favor in hand, provide a Polariod camera and a few rolls of film at the photo booth. 

To sweeten the memento, send your guests home with a bag of Blisters on my Buttercrunch popcorn by Too Haute Cowgirls. This is our classic recipe, with buttery caramel aplenty and roasted nut “blisters”.

For the western themed costume party

Paisley handkerchief, drink coasters, and Salted Cocoa Caramel Corn

Maybe it’s a halloween party. Or maybe you’re throwing a cowboy costume party just because it’s Tuesday. There’s no bad reason for inviting a bunch of friends over and requiring them to get all gussied up in cowboy boots, hats, jeans, chaps and spurs. 

To reward your guests for their cowboy and cowgirl attire efforts, make sure they leave with one more western accessory than they came dressed up in. Find a variety color pack of paisley bandanas and let guests add one to their getup or pocket it for later hanky-ing. Also, provide a big stack of western themed drink coasters -- both to protect your own surfaces from sloppy drinkers and to offer as a party favor to keep. 

For a sweet touch, send everyone home with a bag of Salted Cocoa Caramel Corn by Too Haute Cowgirls. This chocolate-caramel-salty-sweet confection will complete the western vibe and guarantee that your guests will come back every time you throw a costume hootenanny.

For the Texas Hold ‘em poker party

Customized card decks, whisky one-shooter, and Srira-Cha-Cha popcorn

Texas Hold ‘em originated in Robston, TX in the early t20th century. Recreate that era for your next poker party with a Lone Star theme and western flair. As with any good poker party, you’ll want party favor prizes for every participant from the top winners to the biggest losers. 

We’ve got ideas for the perfect Texas Hold ‘em prize packs. Everyone who plays could use an extra set of cards. Look into customized playing cards in bulk, and use a fun photo or graphic that’s unique to your poker party. Match that with a cute little whisky one-shooter for people to take with them on their way out. 

Once the game is cooling down, keep it spicy with a party favor bag of Srira-Cha-Cha popcorn for everyone, seasoned with sweet and salty caramel with a hint of hot sauce. A gourmet snack at this level is worth the buy-in alone.

For the cowgirl themed bachelorette party

Wildflower seeds, scented candle, and Fistful of Fleur de Sel popcorn 

Listen up, maids of honor. Your job is to throw your bride pal the party of a lifetime. Step one: pick a theme (something that includes but isn’t limited to the nude male form). We may be biased, but a Wild West theme works out well. Think sexy cowgirls let loose for a night on the town. 

Part of the perfect bachelorette party is a heartfelt party favor for every lady in the wolf pack. Make each gal a little gift bag with western themed mementos. Our cowgirl suggestions are a pack of wildflower seeds and sunflower seeds to make gardens bloom like the western prairie, a scented candle to keep the light of female friendship alive, and a bag of Fistful of Fleur de Sel popcorn to treat your lady loved ones to a sweet, salty, dark chocolate and toffee-laced surprise. Cheers to lifelong love, friendship, and popcorn.

For the country western themed backyard barbeque 

Mason jar of trail mix, pack of sparklers, and Have Bacon Will Travel popcorn

When the weather is hot and you’re entertaining guests with a barbeque showdown, take it further with an entire country western theme. Hay bales, wagon wheels, whisky barrels, and lasso ropes are all good go-tos for converting any outdoor space into a could-be ranch. 

Once people have eaten their weight in smoked, seasoned meats and are ready to mozy on home, send them off with a western themed party favor. Wish them happy trails with a small mason jar filled with trail mix. Throw in a small box of sparklers for summer backyard magic after dark. And to prolong the barbeque vibes, add a bag of Have Bacon Will Travel popcorn. This spin on the Too Haute Cowboys classic caramel corn brings in the flavors of maple pecan and smoky bacon. 

Looking for more western–themed gift ideas?

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