Western Theme Gift Ideas from Too Haute Cowgirls

Western Theme Gift Ideas from Too Haute Cowgirls

Looking to give a gift with a sprinkle of cowboy magic? We’ve got a handful of western themed gift ideas for you. Maybe you’re the country westerner wanting to give a little slice of the wild west to faraway loved ones, or maybe you have a cowpoke in your life who you’d like to lasso in a little closer to your heart. Or perhaps you’re visiting the Great American West for the first time, and you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home. 

Whatever the ordeal, we’ve got a few bundles of western themed gift ideas to help you think creatively about what to give the guy (or gal) that captures the sweet-and-salty spirit of the west tastefully. 

The many flavors of western themed gift ideas

On the Too Haute Cowgirls homestead, we’ve created five different flavors of gourmet popcorn to suit all palates and styles. What all flavors have in common is our original recipe caramel and our cowgirl tradition of rugged independence. Here are our western themed gift ideas for pairing our legendary popcorn flavors with emblematic tokens of country western life.

For the haute fashionista:

Cowboy boot charm, bandanas, and Blisters on my Buttercrunch popcorn

A lot of folks want to “look the part” of a real rancher, minus the inconveniences of mucking stables or bruising their bums on actual saddles. For these well-groomed poseurs, we recommend a modern twist on classic cowboy accessories. 

Rather than spend a bank robber’s fortune on boots, find a cowboy boot charm to embellish any outfit. Pair the charm with classic paisley bandanas in multiple colors that your well-dressed city slicker will know exactly how to wear.

Finally, throw in some Too Haute Cowgirls popcorn. Although your fashionista isn’t earning his or her saddle sores on horseback, they can still get a taste of ranch life with Blisters on my Buttercrunch popcorn. The Blisters in this sweet buttered caramel corn are premium mixed nuts; a heck of a lot good!


For the feisty firecracker:

Campfire mug and Srira-Cha-Cha popcorn

We all know the type. Your firecracker friend is the guy who lingers the longest around the campfire, telling the tallest tales and laughing the loudest. He likes his jokes dirty and his hot sauce extra-spicy. What western themed gift idea will spark his interest?

First, start out with a classic campfire mug. Usually made of steel dipped in enamel, stylish campfire mugs really complete the scene of a lively bonfire in the canyon under the full moon. These things come decorated in literally every design under the sun. Choose something fiery. Perfect for sipping moonshine at night, then cowboy coffee the next morning. 

To keep things sparky, pair the campfire mug with a bag of Too Haute Cowgirls Srira-Cha-Cha popcorn. This signature popcorn is drenched in our Sriracha infused caramel with real butter and all-natural ingredients. Then we dust the caramel corn with Sriracha powder. Kaboom!



For the wanderin’ saloon-goer: 

Bottle of whiskey, shot glass, and Have Bacon Will Travel popcorn

For some folks, cowboy life is all about the sauce. For your whiskey-sipping cowboy who likes to roll like a tumbleweed from drinking hole to drinking hole, here’s our smokey suggestion for the perfect western themed gift idea. 

First find a whiskey bottle that will get your thirsty wanderer waxing poetic about the difference between bourbon, scotch and rye. Match it with a western-themed shot glass just for fun. 

Then, pair the barrel-aged spirits with the sweet, salty, and smokey goodness of our Have Bacon Will Travel popcorn. This is our prizewinning maple pecan and bacon buttercrunch popcorn, which was nominated for Best Gourmet Snack at the National Confectioners Association's Sweet and Snacks Expo!


For the cowgirl sweetheart

Mason Jar Lights, Turquoise, and Salted Cocoa Caramel Corn

If your western themed gift-giving is of a more romantic nature, leave it to the Too Haute Cowgirls to help you woo your sweetheart. 

First of all, set the homestead scene with mason jar lights. Giving the illusion of fireflies glowing from inside a mason jar, these lights will add warm folksy ambiance to anywhere you two happen to be. Then, catch her eye with a piece of turquoise-studded jewelry -- always a stunning statement piece against suntanned skin with a sundress and cowboy boots. 

Finally, turn up the romance one more notch with a bag of Salted Cocoa Caramel Corn. This is the direct route into the heart of any chocolate-lover. 


For the fancypants city slicker

Western welcome mat, a photo frame, and Fistful of Fleur de Sel popcorn

Do you have a city slicker in your life who longs for the sweet charm of country western living? For the ultimate urbanite, we recommend a ‘howdy’ welcome mat to keep their friendly western hospitality instincts strong. Pair that with a western-themed photo frame to display those memories from back home on the range.

To cater to their worldly refined tastes, top it off with a bag of our Fistful of Fleur de Sel popcorn. Our famous butter toffee caramel corn coated with Guittard dark chocolate and tossed with fine sea salt and toffee will meet their cosmopolitan standards. Fleur De Sel is French for “flower of salt”. Harvested off the coast of Brittany, it is considered by many to be the best salt in the world.

Looking for more western–themed gift ideas?

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